Goodbye Tour in Full Swing

Gates' presentation amd the new Bill Gates Award draw Redmondians to Safeco.

Well I told you baby from time to time, but you just wouldnt listen or pay me no mind, and now Im movin on, Im rollin on," hummed His Hirsuteness—Hank Snow-like—as a pal told him about Bill Gates recent goodbye speech to the Microserfs. Gates, who plans to quit his day job at Microsoft in July 2008 and focus on his philanthropic projects, basically gave his last company presentation recently.

Although some attending Microsofts annual meeting at Safeco Field in Seattle may have been focused on Steve Ballmers bold bluster or Ray Ozzies vision, the fact that this was Bills last big hurrah with the Redmondians couldnt be ignored—especially since the new in-house Bill Gates Award was announced. Going forward, the award, which this year was bestowed on software engineer Dave Cutler, will supposedly be handed out only on years in which Microsoft believes an outstanding candidate has risen from the ranks.

"So, I guess this means the towel boy at the Redmond campus gym still has as good a shot as Ozzie," cackled the Kitty. "Or Microsofts bus drivers," said the pal. Seems the Redmondians have been leasing a lot of new office space around Seattle and have launched a free Wi-Fi-enabled bus service to shuttle Microsoft workers around town.

Spence, who was working from home, said goodbye to his pal and suddenly felt very alone as he hung up the phone. Televisions Rachael Ray and the harpies from "The View" didnt seem like compatible work mates to Le Chat.

Spence soon broke out of his doldrums and chuckled to himself when he remembered hearing that IBMs home-office workers reportedly joke that Big Blues acronym really stands for "Im By Myself."

Deciding to jump out of the house and experience life, the Katt skatted into Boston to meet up with a gal pal for lunch at Sel de la Terre, a French bistro. While slurping his truffled forest mushroom soup, Spence couldnt help but notice his companions swanky purse. "I got it from," said the gal pal. "Its a Web site that rents high-end handbags and lets you exchange them when the fad fades."

"Mmm, I believe Adam Dell, brother of PC maven Michael Dell, was a big investor in the site and is also a board member for those purveyors of purses," said Spence. "So, dude, are you saying Ive got a Dell and not a Fendi?" laughed the Lynxs lady friend, as she twirled her bag.

As the Furball ordered a second bottle of wine, his pal asked if Spence had heard CA reportedly is closing its office in the Philippines and will rely on regional partners to support customers. "Ive been more preoccupied by NTPs attempts to sue every wireless company on the planet," said Spence.

Since NTP got RIM to fork over about $612 million for allegedly infringing on its wireless e-mail patent, its going after AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and other wireless carriers for patent infringement. "If NTP can win against big carriers like that, itll have to change its name to Nonstoppable Troller of Patents," mused the Mousers maiden.

Spencer F. Katt

Spencer F. Katt

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