HP BladeSystem Matrix Combines Server, Storage, Networking

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HP BladeSystem Matrix Combines Server, Storage, Networking

by Jeffrey Burt

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HP Matrix Diagram

This diagram shows the various parts of HP's BladeSystem Matrix, including the server, storage, networking and management software aspects.

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HP Matrix

The combination of the HP BladeSystem Matrix and the MOE software gives businesses an integrated pool of resources that operate in both physical and virtual environments.

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HP Matrix Orchestration Designer

The Matrix Orchestration Environment—which includes Orchestration Designer—offers a unified management interface to enable IT administrators to rapidly design, deploy and optimize the application infrastructure.

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HP LeftHand P4500

The fruit of HP's $360 million acquisition of LeftHand Networks in 2008, the LeftHand P4000 SAN solutions enables administrators to cost-effectively deploy shared storage within virtual environments.

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HP StorageWorks 600 Modular Disk System

The new StorageWorks offering offers direct-attach storage to the HP BladeSystem, giving the HP environment greater density than traditional DAS, HP officials said.