HP Offers Standardized Data Center Services

Looking to find a more efficient way to bring their data center services to customers, HP officials are rolling out 10 modeled services that touch on everything from virtualized blades and scale-out environments to data center refreshes, telecom environments and point-of-sales situations. The solutions are part of HP's push to expand its data center services.

Hewlett-Packard is continuing expand the services it offers around data center management.

HP on Sept. 21 rolled out 10 data center solutions that address what company officials said are the most common integration challenges, touching upon such areas as telecommunications, virtualized blade environments, data center relocation and scale-out environments.

The new services are aimed aligning what HP offers with what the customers need, David Cannon, manager of HP's Data Center Management Services, said in an interview.

HP officials found that their sales people tended to sell services around hardware acquisitions, and that any help implementing or deploying the solution would take three or four visits from the sales people to do, Cannon said.

"We needed to become a lot better at fulfilling the customer's needs on the first call or two," he said.

HP was determined to reduce the statement of work cycle from as long as three months down to a couple of weeks, Cannon said.

HP Integration Services created the highly standardized 10 modeled solutions, which address the most common integration issues and can serve as starting point, though customers can customize the services depending on their individual needs.

HP's telecom offering includes carrier-grade environments, while the scale-out offering is aimed at cloud computing and compute-intensive setups.

Other environments included virtualized blades, branch offices, data center relocation and technology refresh, and point of sales for client-facing situations.

The Global Standardized Deployment Solution address distributed technology deployments.

"We've effectively standardized [these services] as much as we can," Cannon said.