InfoCare Monitoring Tool Moves to .Net

Silverback's monitoring tool will exploit the OS' event log to give users valuable information.

Monitoring appliance provider Silverback Technologies Inc. on Monday will jump ship from Linux to Microsoft Corp.s .Net platform in the latest update to its InfoCare network, system and application monitoring tool.

InfoCare 3.5, which now runs on the appliance version of Windows 2000, exploits the operating systems event log to give users access to valuable information about applications running on the system that isnt otherwise available. "There are a lot of applications that write to the event log. Our event log editor lets customers sift through those events, pull out specific events that occur with different components, and alert themselves on that and then fix issues faster," said John Igoe, president and co-founder of the Billerica, Mass., firm.

The move to Windows provides other benefits. "We felt we could move quicker on Windows, and we could add new features for our Windows target customers," added Igoe.

Along with the new Windows base, Silverback added the ability to monitor logs on CheckPoint, Cisco Pix and other firewalls, as well as VPN (virtual private network) devices. InfoCare, which comprises a monitoring appliance installed at the customer site, integrated software and a Web-based console, also adds the ability to monitor Cisco Systems Inc.s proprietary IOS networking software to more proactively manage Cisco network switches. "You can set a proactive problem notification rule so that if utilization is growing on an interface over time, you will be notified, or if a CPU spikes for 15 minutes, youll get notification," said Igoe.

The agentless monitoring tool with integrated software is managed remotely by Silverback over a secure VPN link. Silverback is responsible for installation and maintenance of the software. The tool can be deployed within a day.

InfoCare 3.5 is available now. Pricing starts at $300 per managed device per year.