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Along with the new Wi-Fi support, InfoVista at Networld + Interop will also debut its new Service Level Navigator, a dynamic graphical user interface that can link real-time performance of network elements to quality of service measurements grouped by geographic region, by customer or by line of business. The new interface can pull together management data collected by a variety of third-party tools, allowing operators to use a single, common interface to more quickly and easily troubleshoot problems. That can help improve productivity and lower costs, believes early user Ralph Cramer, business unit executive at German systems integrator Danet GmbH in Weiterstadt.

InfoVista will also introduce its new VistaOperations Center, based on flow measurement technology from Network Physics, which can identify potential performance problems, determine whether a problem is in the network, server or application, and then determine what resources are associated with the problem.

"It lets us understand whos talking to whom. We can tell if there is one group getting slow response times, we can see which business flows are affected by a hardware or component level problem and vice versa," describe Chapman.

All the new offerings are available now.

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