Juniper Bolsters Network Security Portfolio

At its NXTWORK conference, company officials unveil Policy Enforcer, which automates policy enforcement and quarantines infected endpoints.

network security

Juniper Networks is rolling out an array of new and enhanced security capabilities that are designed to give organizations tools to better protect their networks against the increasingly complex threats to their infrastructures.

The new security improvements unveiled by company officials this week at the vendor's NXTWORK 2016 user conference include a new Policy Enforcer that not only automates the enforcement of security policies throughout the network but also quarantines endpoints that have been infected.

Policy Enforcer, part of Juniper's Junos Space Security Director unified security management product, works in concert with other security software from the networking technologies provider, including Sky Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP), according to Scott Miles, senior director of product marketing at Juniper.

Policy Enforcer "automates policy creation, learns from threat conditions and dynamically deploys enforcement to the appropriate points in your network," Miles wrote in a post on the company blog. "Now your network can detect and quarantine compromised hosts or endpoints across firewalls and switches by leveraging up-to-the-minute threat intel from Sky Advanced Threat Prevention."

Juniper officials are working to expand the security capabilities within the company's portfolio to enable customers to pare down the collection of security products from disparate vendors and enable them to turn to a single vendor for much of their needs. Miles noted that over the years, as they worked to counter increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks, businesses have brought in various antivirus products and added features to their firewalls.

"It's likely you ended up with a spaghetti of security products from multiple vendors and a hefty library of manually created policies, many of which were outdated," he wrote. "So now you have a ton of information from all these different sources and your security teams are overloaded—pivoting around from console to console and trying to sift through too many alerts. Lots of data and very little insight."

That data and insight are important to businesses that not only need to keep as many hackers out of the network as possible, but also to quickly detect and remedy problems when hackers do get in.

"Attackers are constantly managing to get inside networks, so it's critical to implement pervasive solutions that can rapidly identify the threat and prevent damage from being done," Denise Shiffman, senior vice president of development and innovation at Juniper, said in a statement, adding that the new and enhanced tools from the company are designed to support "customers in their effort to thwart cyber-threats in a landscape that's constantly evolving."

Along with the new Policy Enforcer, Juniper is making its Sky ATP available on its vSRX virtual firewall and across its SRX Series services gateways, bringing more malware protection to virtual and physical firewalls, officials said.

The company at the show also introduced the SRX4000 Series firewalls aimed at midsize companies and optimized for hybrid clouds and enterprise campus environments. The firewall family, which includes the SRX4100 and SRX4200, offers cloud-based advanced threat prevention and the ability to detect a range of malware through Sky ATP. They also include such services as content security, unified threat management and management from a single view via Security Director.