Keeping Holiday Traffic Snarls Off the Web

Digital Island takes wraps off intelligent traffic management service.

Preventing mishaps The holiday season is a merry and bright time for e-tailers, but not if online shoppers cant complete purchases because of Web site mishaps. To help e-businesses with a far-flung Web presence make sure all customers experience optimal online service, Digital Island Inc. is rolling out a new Web-based IP traffic management service.

Extension of 2Way The intelligent traffic management, or ITM, service is an extension of Digital Islands 2Way Web Services line. The 2Way services encompass a Web-based user interface for quick and easy traffic monitoring, managing and load balancing, officials said. Network managers can configure and distribute traffic among data centers to make sure content goes to the best server.

Quick setup The ITM service requires no proprietary hardware or software on-site, but it does require enterprises to change their Domain Name System setup. Digital Island, a Cable and Wireless plc. company based in San Francisco, said the service can be activated in minutes, with no disruption to operations.

Available now The service is available now for $5,000 per month, regardless of the number of data centers operated.