Lenel Bundle Secures NECs High-Availability Servers

Deal calls for Lenel to bundle its HA-OnGuard software with NEC's Express5800/320Lb High Availability servers.

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NEC Solutions America Inc. is teaming up with Lenel Systems International Inc. to bundle the security firms software with one of NECs high-availability servers.

Lenel, of Rancho Cordova, Calif., has created HA-OnGuard as an option for its OnGuard suite of security management applications. The suite includes such features as access control, alarm monitoring, intrusion detection and asset tracking.

Lenel will bundle the HA-OnGuard software with NECs Express5800/320Lb High Availability servers. The 320Lb, introduced in March, is a blade configuration featuring two 1U (1.75-inch-high) servers housing the processing power and two others holding the I/O technology. Unlike most blade servers, this system is stacked in the chassis horizontally.

NEC, of Sacramento, Calif., and Stratus Technologies Inc. both build high-availability—also known as "fault tolerant"—servers. Central to these systems are two or more instances of every component that run in lock step within the systems. If one component fails, a backup can continue the task with no interruption.

The Lenel bundle—which the security company will sell either directly or through resellers—includes the servers, Lenels software, a choice of various databases, NECs system management software and Windows Advanced Server 2000 operating system. Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition will be available later, said Mike Mitsch, senior director of marketing at NEC Solutions America. The bundle is available immediately.

The Lenel bundle will be included in future NEC high-availability servers as they are launched, Mitsch said.

He said the companys servers offer Lenel levels of simplicity and reliability that often arent found in clusters of smaller servers that are linked together.

"[A fault-tolerant server] reduces the complexity while increasing availability," he said.

Mitsch also said the partnership with Lenel—which handles security for such large enterprises as Microsoft Corp., the U.S. Navy, and LaGuardia and John F. Kennedy airports in New York—will enable NEC to expand its customer base. In the United States, the company has traction in local and state governments.

"This allows us to get into the security market in the commercial space," he said.

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