LogMeIn Puts Its Xively IoT Platform on Display at Xperience Show

1 - LogMeIn Puts Its Xively IoT Platform on Display at Xperience Show
2 - Show What Can Be Done
3 - Answering the Tough Questions
4 - Lutron Lights the Way
5 - Who Let the Dogs--and Cats--In?
6 - Keeping an Eye on Water Use
7 - Printing and the IoT
8 - Motorcycle Management Made Easier
9 - Adding Security to the IoT
10 - Brewing Up the Data
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LogMeIn Puts Its Xively IoT Platform on Display at Xperience Show

LogMeIn showcased some of the companies it's helping get into the IoT with technologies, ranging from smart air flow to water use monitoring systems.

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Show What Can Be Done

To illustrate what Xively can do for customers, officials with the vendor created an example company they call "Concaria" and which created a smart air filter as a product. Xively also created an app that can be used to manage the device.

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Answering the Tough Questions

To help customers on their journey to the IoT, Xively developed this "workbench" interface for developers and product teams that asks basic questions about their proposed IoT plans, from the number of devices and users they want to connect to the amount of storage needed and number of messages the devices will send.

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Lutron Lights the Way

Lutron Electronics used LogMeIn technology—including the Xively IoT platform—to create a mobile app for Android and Apple devices to control its connected lights and shades, manage the relationship between the products, customers and company, secure the connection and sync the devices with customer data.

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Who Let the Dogs--and Cats--In?

SureFlap worked with Xively to develop a messaging system for its pet control products. The RFID chip a pet carries under its skin or on its collar can unlock the pet door, letting it in but keeping other animals out. SureFlap also uses the same technology for its connected pet feeder. It all includes an app that tells owners how often their pet has been out, how much they've eaten and what the outdoor temperature is.

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Keeping an Eye on Water Use

Symmons' Inflow system is the central part of a water management system for building owners. The connected showerhead can read how long someone's been in the shower and how much water has been used, and will send that data via the Xively IoT platform. There also is a display that users can read. It's being marketed to businesses like hotels now, but plans are in the works for consumer use.

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Printing and the IoT

Sato is using Xively technology and expertise for its connected CLNX Series industrial printers. Sato is using Xively to connect the printers to other systems—such as Salesforce—but also for remote management and replenishment of consumables such as ink.

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Motorcycle Management Made Easier

Zero Motorcycles is using LogMeIn's Rescue and Rescue Lens to save money by no longer always having to send technicians to repair their electric motorcycle. Through the LogMeIn technologies, technicians not only can remotely connect with customers, but those customers can stream live video of their bikes via smartphone or tablet cameras.

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Adding Security to the IoT

Freescale was on hand to show off a reference architecture for an IoT gateway that will bring extra levels of security to such products as Symmons' Inflow water management system.

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Brewing Up the Data

At the Xperience event, Xively officials showed off what their technology can do with a system through which customers could order coffee at the bar—identifying them via an RFID chip in their name badge—and which would display real-time data, from the total number of coffees served, total consumption in ounces, and the regions of the country from which the coffee drinkers came.

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