Management Console

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Management Console

Orion Network Performance monitor offers a browser-based console that uses AJAX technologies to present information in an interactive fashion. The Home screen gives a high-level geographic view of the primary components of the network. Administrators can drill down on the various elements to get more information.

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Top 10

A "top 10" list shows the monitored devices with the most activity or issues. Administrators can configure the top 10 list to display what they consider the most important monitored elements to be. Each element on the list supports drill-down, which allows an administrator to further investigate an issue without switching to another console.

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NPM's Alerts console displays active alerts on the monitored devices. Alerts can range from dropped packet problems to failed interfaces. Each alert offers pop-up information when it is selected with the mouse. Administrators can drill down further by clicking on an alert to get more information.

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An overview console offers a quick way to identify what interfaces are working and which are not. The overview console also monitors other node specifics with a pull-down filter such as packet loss, utilization, activity and other traffic-related elements.

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System Log</b.NPM offers the ability to gather up all syslog events from every monitored device and then display those entries in a sorted and filtered list. That can save a significant amount of time when trying to identify a problem that traverses multiple devices. Events can be filtered based upon IP address, type, device or time period.

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The ability to monitor wireless devices proves to be a real time saver. With NPM's wireless console it is easy to determine which wireless devices are functioning, what channels are in use, what devices are attached and the signal strength.

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Energy Usage

NPM is able to monitor and trend energy usage on devices that support Cisco's EnergyWise technology. Administrators can quickly report on energy use, monitor savings and create usage reports that can be used for budgetary and load calculating purposes.

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