NAI Intros 10 Gigabit Ethernet Sniffer

Network Associates Sniffer Technologies group on Monday will introduce its first Sniffer protocol analyzer for 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

Network Associates Inc.s Sniffer Technologies group on Monday will introduce its first Sniffer protocol analyzer for 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

Debuting along with the Santa Clara, Calif. companys new Sniffer Portable Lab 10 Gigabit Ethernet Analyzer, is its new InfiniStream network management tool, which combines a hardware-based traffic-capture engine and large-scale storage, along with a protocol-decode and expert-analysis software in a management console.

The new 10Gigabit Ethernet portable Sniffer is based on Intel Pentium 4.2GHz processor running Windows 2000. It includes a 1GB memory buffer to provide full line-rate, full-duplex data capture without frame loss.

The unit includes advanced filtering technology to quickly isolate the data required to troubleshoot problems on the network, and it incorporates triggers that can be used to more quickly pinpoint intermittent problems.

The Sniffer gathers real-time performance statistics without impeding full-line rate traffic capture, the company said, and graphically displays the statistics to allow users to quickly recognize unusual network behavior. It also includes the Sniffer protocol-decodes and expert-analysis engine. The system is available now for $150,000.

Network Associates will initially target equipment vendors looking to validate their 10 Gigabit Ethernet product designs, however, pitches to government entities, high-end enterprises and services providers are expected to follow.

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Unlike the portable Sniffer, the new InfiniStream tool provides continuous long-term data capture so that users can gather data post-capture on an entire transaction or string of transactions and analyze different data captured during the same time frame.

"This is a full time appliance on your network," said Catherine Nadeau, manager of product marketing at Networks Associates in Santa Clara, Calif. "You can apply our breadth of decodes and expert analysis tool to understand the problem without having to wait for it to occur a second time."

The InfiniStream comes in two different hardware platforms: The i410 is designed for 10/100 Fast Ethernet network links and provides 800GB of traffic storage; while the i1610 is intended for Gigabit Ethernet links and provides up to 3.2TB of capacity.

Both units can simultaneously retrieve data while using data mining filters and provide circular buffer storage for a continuous loop of traffic capture. They systems are based on Linux.

The InfiniStream network management console allows users to retrieve data based on time, IP addresses, protocol ports as well as conversation pairs. It includes the Sniffer Expert analysis engine and protocol decodes.

InfiniStream network management is available now and is $35,000 for the i410 model and $75,000 for the i1610 model.