Ncomputing Offers a Trifecta of PCs Using Thin Clients

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Ncomputing Offers a Trifecta of PCs Using Thin Clients

NComputing offers a simple analogy for maximizing thin-client density by using one PC to support up to three additional PC implementations.

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Small Footprints, Small Power Draw

NComputing's M300 thin clients are sleek little boxes that can be mounted most anywhere, sip low watts, make no noise and support most desktop peripherals.

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One Plus Two Equals Three Thin Clients

The thin clients come in two sizes. The "big client" offers more connectivity options and acts as the master for the other two clients. (Read about the "small client" in the next slide.)

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Everything in One Box

On the other hand, the "small client" offers just the basics—but everything needed to make a thin-client desktop work.

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The M300 Covers All the PC Bases

The large and small clients offer similar capabilities, yet differ in connectivity, management and other options—none of which should matter to the user.

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The CPU Is the Key

The M300 kit gets its mojo from a specialized processor, which is tuned to handle streaming video and other high-demand activities, helping to lighten the load on the host PC while offering adequate performance for the user.

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Ncomputing's Software Combines Virtualization With Management

vSpace is the server side software that runs on the host PC. It is very simple to install, use, deploy and understand. On this screen, one can see how easy it is to set up the thin clients.

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vSpace Eases Configuration Chores

vSpace covers all the bases, including mundane tasks, such as setting performance levels and enabling remote support. The key here is that NComputing keeps everything simple.

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