NEC Server Debuts in North America

The Express5800/320La is part of the Express5800/ft line

Fault-tolerant NEC Computers Inc. is bringing its fault-tolerant Intel Corp.-based server to North America.

Sold in Japan The Express5800/320La server is the first product in the Boxboro, Mass., companys Express5800/ft series that it will sell in the United States. The company has been selling the server in Japan. The series is based on Pentium III chips and runs on Microsoft Corp.s Windows 2000 Advanced Server.

Smooth backup The server uses designs from Stratus Technologies Inc. to create backup components that mirror the primary components in redundant lock step, company officials said. If the primary server fails, the backup server can take over without an interruption of service or a loss of data.

The Express5800/320La is available now for just under $20,000 through selected resellers, and NEC said it expects to launch other fault-tolerant servers in the Express5800/ft series later this year and into next year.