NEC Unveils New High-End Servers

Along with the new Itanium-based servers, NEC Solutions also rolled out a Linux-based fault-tolerant server.

NEC Solutions America Inc. on Monday unveiled a new series of high-end servers based on Intel Corp.s Itanium 2 chip.

The Sacramento, Calif., company also rolled out a Linux-based fault-tolerant server that features many of the same capabilities found in its Intel-based servers, including lock-step processing to ensure processors work simultaneously and hot-swappable components.

At the Supercomputing 2002 show in Baltimore, NEC Solutions announced its Express5800/1000 series of high-end servers, which include an eight-way rack system called the Express5800/1080Rc and a 16-way server called the Express5800/1160Xc. The Express5800/1320Xc is a 32-way system.

All three servers include memory capacity of up to 256GB and expansion capabilities of up to 112 PCI-X slots. They also feature up to eight partitions and hot-swappable components.

The servers will be available in December, according to the company.

The Express5800/ft Linux server features a version of the operating system developed by NEC to support fault-tolerant features, including the companys hardened drivers for SCSI, Fibre Channel and networking designed to increase availability via failover and analysis capabilities, the company said.

NEC also has upgraded its remote management software, Esmpro, to support Linux. Included in the software are such features as power cycling and power reset, enabling users to remotely monitor and diagnose the servers.

The Express5800/ft Linux server includes Intel Pentium iii processors and the ability to scale the storage up to 2 TB.

The Linux server is available immediately, starting at $27,199.