Netuitive Hones Performance Management

Netuitive Service Analyzer aims to offer early warning of performance problems.

Business service management vendor Netuitive made its Service Analyzer tool more large enterprise-ready in a new release launched Oct. 29.

The small, privately held company with big-name customers such as AT&T, which selected Service Analyzer to help manage the performance of its iPhone activation system, added real-time service monitoring, the ability to prioritize alarms according to business impact and new service topology maps.

Netuitives Service Analyzer 2.0 is a self-learning, continuously adaptive performance management tool that can help IT align infrastructure performance with business objectives, according to Nicola Sanna, president and CEO of the Reston, Va., company.

"We learn the behavior of all these systems—of the user experience, of the business systems—and how they relate to one another. And we show how they correlate for a unified picture of how the system is doing at the application or business service level," he said.


Netuitives SI tool accurately discovers performance problems in enterprise IT systems. Read more here.

Performance management offerings based on older technologies require users to manually set thresholds, write scripts or set rules for catching performance degradation. Netuitive uses patented statistical algorithms to analyze performance and determine when performance starts to degrade.

Service Analyzer can help IT reach the holy grail of management: to get an early warning of potential performance problems, according to Dennis Drogseth, industry analyst with Enterprise Management Associates, in Portsmouth, N.H.

"You get a window of advanced warning, which can be several hours ahead of time," said Drogseth, who believes the new release with its new multiview dashboards makes it a "much more mature, complete product."

The multiview dashboard in Service Analyzer 2.0 allows users to view performance from an IT infrastructure, customer experience and business impact point of view.

The new real-time performance monitoring allows users to automatically link performance to business metrics.

The topology map in Service Analyzer 2.0 allows operators to view the relationships between service components, and they can drill down to see how supporting infrastructure elements are behaving.

Although Sanna said Netuitive competes with the big four enterprise management providers—IBM, CA, Hewlett-Packard and BMC Software—Drogseth believes the companys technology complements those vendors.

"What they offer is largely complementary to what the big brand names do. They could leverage [the data collected by those vendors monitoring systems] and analyze it to come up with these kinds of monitoring capabilities. But they are based on advanced analytics, which is something people are starting to think about now," he said.

Service Analyzer 2.0 is due Nov. 16.


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