Network Physics Ups Apps Speed

Network Physics NetSensory 6.0 adds the ability to automatically discover and classify real-time applications traffic.

Although it targets network managers, Network Physics on Sept. 12 will look to address application performance problems with the next release of its NetSensory network application management tool and add-ons.

Claiming to solve a long-standing problem—the finger-pointing between the applications groups and network operations groups when problems occur—Network Physics NetSensory 6.0 adds the ability to automatically discover and classify real-time applications traffic traversing a network.

The capability focuses specifically on VOIP (voice over IP), Oracle and SAP, as well as Microsofts Exchange and SharePoint.

"Were going beyond port-based classification to state-based inspection to get at the nitty-gritty detail with VOIP, Oracle and other applications," Dwight Barker, vice president of product management at Network Physics, in Mountain View, Calif., said.

"[Its] about collaboration, using NetSensory to promote dialogue between the application team and the network team," said Dennis Drogseth, an analyst with Enterprise Management Associates, in Portsmouth, N.H.

Network Physics also will extend its reporting through a new Business Reporter add-on to help nontechnical users understand the performance data NetSensory gathers. It automatically generates daily, weekly and monthly reports. Up to 1,500 reports per day can be accessed by dozens of users. Reports can be tailored for groups.

NetSensory, which runs on a network-attached appliance that captures real-time traffic flows, will also work with a new high-end appliance to gather more data and capture it at greater speeds.

The new NP3000 doubles the amount of storage and boosts throughput by 25 percent, allowing it to capture up to 150,000 packets per second.

The NP3000 is due by the end of September, and NetSensory 6.0 and Business Reporter are expected in January.


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