Networking, Security, IoE Take the Stage at Cisco Live 2015

1 - Networking, Security, IoE Take the Stage at Cisco Live 2015
2 - John Chambers Says Good-Bye
3 - Chuck Robbins Comes to the Forefront
4 - One Last Time
5 - A World of Developers
6 - Cisco Taking Flight
7 - A Highly Connected World
8 - Shining a Light on IoE
9 - Securing the Network for IoE
10 - Adding to the Intercloud
11 - Opening the Lines of Communication
12 - Networking Is at the Heart of Cisco
13 - That Includes Networking Hardware
14 - Building Out ACI
15 - The Importance of Partners
16 - Power to Women
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Networking, Security, IoE Take the Stage at Cisco Live 2015

by Jeffrey Burt

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John Chambers Says Good-Bye

The show in San Diego was the last one that Chambers will attend as Cisco's CEO. However, he still will be a presence at the company as its executive chairman and board chairman.

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Chuck Robbins Comes to the Forefront

Robbins has been with the company for 17 years, so he's not new to Cisco Live. Still, his profile this year was particularly high as he prepares to take over as CEO July 26.

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One Last Time

Lloyd, who will leave Cisco July 25—the day before Robbins takes over—talks to the crowd at his last Cisco Live after 21 years with the networking giant.

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A World of Developers

Cisco made sure to give developers as much hands-on experience with the technology as possible.

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Cisco Taking Flight

On display at the show was a drone that included Cisco technology.

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A Highly Connected World

Chambers has often said that the IoE was as big a transition for the IT industry as the Internet was, and Cisco had its technology on full display.

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Shining a Light on IoE

Smart lighting for the home and business is one of the areas getting a lot of attention in these early days of the IoE.

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Securing the Network for IoE

At the show, Cisco officials talked about efforts to make security pervasive throughout the network—from the data center to the cloud to the endpoints—to accelerate adoption of the IoE and to protect against increasingly sophisticated threats.

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Adding to the Intercloud

Cisco also is bringing developers to its Intercloud initiative to help create cloud services for the effort, which is aimed at creating a global connected network of clouds.

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Opening the Lines of Communication

The company had its collaboration technology on display at the show, including its TelePresence systems.

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Networking Is at the Heart of Cisco

While there was talk of clouds, collaboration and security, at the center of it all is the network, the foundation for everything Cisco does.

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That Includes Networking Hardware

Cisco introduced two new Nexus switches aimed at mega-scale and cloud data centers, including the 3264R, a 2U (3.5-inch) 64-port switch that supports speeds of 10G and 40G.

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Building Out ACI

The company brought greater programmability and automation capabilities to its Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) portfolio.

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The Importance of Partners

Cisco officials have stressed the importance of openness, developers and partners—including Intel—to the company's plans for everything from ACI and software-defined networking (SDN) to the IoE.

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Power to Women

Also at the show, Cisco conducted its third annual Empowered Women's Network Forum, a network of Cisco customers, partners and employees who come together to help women in IT.

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