New Boards Bolster Intels Xeon

Chip maker unveils server boards and chassis that run dual Xeon 533MHz chips.

Intel Corp. on Monday rolled out a host of new server boards and chassis to take advantage of the chip makers recently released Xeon processor with a 533MHz front-side bus and two new chip sets.

The Santa Clara, Calif., company also announced three RAID controllers, also designed for OEMs and product integrators that want to use the new Xeon chip and the E7501 and E7505 chip sets.

The Intel Server Boards SE7501WV2, SE7501BR2, SE7501HG2 and SE7501CW2 are dual-processor boards for the Xeon—which runs at speeds between 2GHz and 2.8GHz—and the E7501 chip set for two-way servers.

The Intel Server Board SE7505VB2, also for dual-processor Xeons with 533 MHz, is for the E7505 chip set for both two-way workstations and servers.

The new chassis, the Intel Server Chassis SC5250-E, is aimed at small business servers and workstations and includes flexible storage options such as hotswap SCSI and Serial ATA support.

The RAID controllers, aimed at greater data protection, are the SRCU42L, SRCS14L and SRCZR, all of which are based on Intels 80303 I/O processor, with support for interfaces such as Ultra320 SCSI and Serial ATA.