New Sun Servers Powered by Intel Nehalem Chips

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New Sun Servers Powered by Intel Nehalem Chips

by Jeffrey Burt

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Sun Blade X6270

The blade server offers up to twice the memory compacity than competing systems, Sun officials said, adding that it also is an all-in-one virtualization solution that includes server and networking capabilites when combined with Sun's Virtual NEM (Network Express Module).

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Sun Blade X6275

Sun is integrating networking capabilities into many of its systems. The SunBlade X6275 includes on-board quad data rate InfiniBand capabilities.

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Sun Fire X2270

Aimed at Web architectures and HPC (high-performance computing) clusters, the X2270 offers energy efficiency and high capacity.

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Sun Fire X4170

Sun officials say the highly efficient X4170 puts the performance of a 4U system into a 1U form factor, and offers savings of up to 75 percent in rack space and 60 percent in energy consumption.

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Sun Fire X4270

Aimed at consolidation and virtualization environments, the X4270 can be used at branch offices, in departmental environments and in horizontally scaled data centers.

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Sun Fire X4275

The X4275 offers 12 terabytes of storage at less than $1 per gigabyte. The system is targeted for use with streaming multimedia applications, Sun officials said.

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Sun Ultra 27

The workstation supports Nvidia's FX5800 technology for high-end visualization capabilities. It offers up to 12GB of main memory annd 4GB of graphics memory.