Nokia Shocks, Amazes With New Fashion Phones

The new 7820 has no keypad and one of the most remarkable phone designs we've ever seen. Plus: Touching the 9300 and "What's with the model numbers?"

Nokia isnt afraid to shock with phone designs. Weve been looking quizzically at pictures of their keypad-less 7280 fashion phone since it was announced last week, but we wanted to hold off on judging it until we got our hands on the sleek little gadget ourselves.

And when we did, we were amazed. This phone looks and works like no other. It was designed from the ground up as a second phone; the one youll take out with you at night and on the weekends. And the one youll definitely be showing off. The driving force behind the design is that the SIM card easily pops out on a little silver tray, so you can easily shuffle your identity and phone book between your 7280 and your more conventional "daytime" handset—the one that has a keypad.

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