Nortel Makes WLAN Push

Nortel unveils several new WLAN products and companion strategy aimed at enterprise customers and service providers.

Nortel Networks Corp. on Monday unveiled several new wireless LAN products and a companion strategy aimed at enterprise customers and service providers, marking the Toronto companys entry into the WLAN market.

Nortels goal is to provide roaming capability across public and private networks as well as commercial "hot spot" WLAN enivironments, officials said.

"Nortel Networks strategy extends far beyond basic WLAN," said Frank Dunn, president and chief executive officer of Nortel Networks, in a statement. "We are creating a single, seamless, secure mobile environment that will allow consumers and mobile professionals to access the services and applications they rely on, through their laptop, PDAs and cell phones, wherever and however needed."

Nortels initial WLAN products, due in the second quarter of 2003, include a WLAN switch, access point, mobile voice client and a pair of mobile adapters.

The WLAN Security Switch 2250 lets IT managers control access on a privilege basis and detects unauthorized users. It also distributes traffic for load-balancing purposes.

The WLAN Access Point 2220 includes enterprise-level features such as dual image support, which allows emergency repairs in hot spot deployments to be delayed until convenient. It also includes a WLAN dual-mode (802.11a and 802.11b) radio signaling and roaming between the two.

The WLAN Mobile Voice Client i2050 provides voice-over-IP support for Pocket PC devices.

The WLAN Mobile Adapter 2201 is a Cardbus adapter for laptops that supports both 802.11a and 802.11b. The 2202 is a PC Card adapter that supports 802.11b only.

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