Novell, Microsoft, Lotus Viewed in Katts Dish

Microsoft may seek oneness with PlaceWare and Macromedia.

Be one with the penguin," chanted the Kitty, as he considered a rumor from some users of Novells ZENworks that company programmers may be developing a ZENworks management client for Linux. Apparently, the rumor, which has grown almost like an urban legend among ZENworks users, has been gathering steam.

The buzz El Gato heard is that although the code is supposedly still in development, programmers may also be considering porting it to Mac OS X before releasing beta versions. "Thats the kind of thinking Novell needs to remain an industry Survivor," mused the Mouser, as he stopped chanting and mindlessly began surfing his satellite dish.

A Microsoft insider said a rumor has been floating around Redmond for the last two years that may make it hard for antitrust cops to keep looking the other way. Microsofts planned acquisition of PlaceWare has resparked the rumor that Redmond may reach into its deep pockets to snap up Macromedia, too.

Macromedias Flash Player would be the missing link in Microsofts evolving Real-Time Collaboration Group, claimed the Tabby tattler. "It would certainly be a bold move if Microsoft actually went for it this time," said the tipster.

The Kitty heard rumblings that Network Associates might move its headquarters to Texas from the Valley. The company announced a few weeks ago that its moving a couple of hundred people to the Lone Star State, which wouldnt leave that many folks in Santa Clara.

According to a tipster, many of the remaining employees fear that the company will consider its huge, expensive building in the Valley a "Dead Zone" and soon move everything to Texas.

What a difference a year makes. At last years Lotusphere, the "Fear Factor" was high that IBM would phase out existing Lotus technology in favor of such IBM technology as WebSphere and DB2.

At this years show, while there was grumbling that Lotusphere should just be called WebSphere, given Big Blues heavy presence, the biggest complaint El Gato heard was that Lotus Domino 6 reference posters were still at the printer and would be available online.

"Worrying more about where the tchotchkes are at a trade show—rather than fearing a whole technology may disappear—thats gotta be a sign things are getting back to normal," laughed the Lynx as he clicked off the tube.

Spencer F. Katt

Spencer F. Katt

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