Open-Source Web App Management Tool Grows Up

Hyperic adds Nagios integration and better scaling for large Web application infrastructures to its open-source HQ application management tool.

Open-source management tools provider Hyperic is preparing a new release of its Hyperic HQ Web applications management software that adds new integration with the Nagios management and cross-platform diagnostics.

The four-year-old company matured its Web application infrastructure management software, which monitors the availability and performance of all of the elements that make up multitiered Web applications, to better scale the tool for large-scale Web applications deployments. Those elements include hardware, middleware, databases, operating systems and Web servers.

The new beta version of Hyperic HQ 3.2 is integrated with the open-source Nagios management tool in a way that augments it, according to Javier Soltero, CEO of the San Francisco-based company.

"Nagios is a host and service-level monitoring tool. It doesn't give deep dive performance information, sophisticated alerting to sort out alarms, auto discovery, deeper insight into application infrastructure or a rapid deployment model with no configuration files," explained Soltero.

The new integration in HQ version 3.2 allows it to "discover and import the Nagios environment directly into our product and present the (Nagios) data in a more simplified view than Nagios uses in its Spartan user interface," claimed Soltero.

Nagios has a sizable installed base of open-source users working with the systems management tool to manage a broad range of infrastructure elements, according to Steve Brasen, analyst with Enterprise Management Associates in Boulder, Colo.

"Nagios is designed as an overall systems management package to evaluate system performance and uptime of the entire IT infrastructure; whereas Hyperic is really designed to look at those systems management parameters specifically for Web operations environments," said Brasen. "The integration is a big step for [Hyperic]," he added.

Hyperic OEMs its HQ tool to several software vendors, including Red Hat, JBoss and SpringSource, Soltero said.

The new scalability in HQ 3.2 allows it to collect up to 1.5 million metrics per minute, and it can interpret and store those metrics to present users with an analytical perspective on performance or availability problems.

The new Live Exec feature in version 3.2 can aggregate and normalize real-time performance data across a range of operating systems, including most flavors of Unix, Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. It provides a common view of the health of hardware, software and services.

The new release is due by February.

Editor's Note: This story was updated to correct the spelling of Javier Soltero's name.