Oracle Comes Calling in the Telecom Space

Oracle announced that it's acquired Net4Call, a telecom tech provider, and rolled out plans for a vast, standards-based telecom services delivery platform.

Oracle came to talk telecom, and aside from a few throwaway comments about open source, execs did just that, outlining the companys first foray into a vertical market for its middleware.

To that end, Oracle on April 18 announced yet another acquisition: This time, its Net4Call, a Norway-based provider of Parlay and SLEE (Service Logic Execution Environment) technology.

Oracle execs also outlined a roadmap for a comprehensive, standards-based SDP (Services Delivery Platform) for the telecommunications industry.

Parlay constitutes open, technology-independent APIs that enable the development of applications that operate across converged networks.

The APIs integrate Internet multimedia networks and IN (intelligent networks) with IT applications via a secure, measured and billable interface and has been widely deployed in telecoms networks globally.

Regarding its Net4Call acquisition, Oracle released a statement that said the company plans to continue support and development of Net4Calls product line within this new telecom roadmap.

Oracles SDP is "planned to enable communications service providers, network operators, and system integrators to evolve current silo-based network investments into a service oriented architecture and shrink time and cost to deploy new services on existing and next-generation communications IP networks," Oracles release states.

The SDP is also aimed at enterprises that are building next-generation voice-enabled and mobile applications, Oracle President Charles Phillips said in a conference for media and analysts.

In addition, its designed to help operators leverage investments in their current infrastructure to exploit new technologies such as VOIP (voice over IP), IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) and Presence.

Oracles telecom roadmap builds on other, earlier acquisitions in this space. Oracle snapped up HotSip, a provider of SIP and IMS platforms, in February.

HotSip provides telecommunications infrastructure software through a J2EE/SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) application server, as well as applications that enable messaging, telephony and conferencing capabilities.

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