Oracle Communications Builds Out Analytics Portfolio

The company offers four new tools and upgrades others to give service providers access to more real-time data about their networks and customers.

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Oracle Communications is combining existing and new analytics software to create a new offering designed to enable service providers to gain better insights from their network, service and subscriber information.

The company's Oracle Communications Analytics will let communications service providers take advantage of both the industry-specific capabilities offered by Oracle Communications as well as the broader big data portfolio offered through Oracle to leverage information they may be sitting on but don't have access to, according to Doug Suriano, senior vice president and general manager of Oracle Communications.

"CSPs have an advantage—they have a lot of data about how their network operates and the kinds of experiences that customers are having," Suriano said in a statement. "But without the right big data and analytics tools, the data will remain unused and siloed in various systems. Our expanded Oracle Communications Analytics portfolio is designed with this challenge in mind."

The new tools offer service providers access to a range of analytics capabilities that will help them in such areas as data warehousing, business intelligence and big data, according to company officials. Along with new releases of existing tools offered by Oracle Communications—such as Data Model—there also are four new products: Customer Experience Analytics application, Network Assurance Analytics application, Analytics Big Data Platform, and Analytics Diameter Adapter.

Oracle Communications' Customer Experience Analytics software is aimed at those employees who work with customers. Through a single dashboard, the application gives these employees near-real-time access to an array of information about the customer, which officials said will lead to improved customer retention and drive revenue growth.

The Network Assurance Analytics application gives CSPs greater insight into their networks, including enabling them to rapidly find the causes of service degradation and outages as well as predict and prevent such issues from happening. In addition, service providers get greater insight into network security and are able to more quickly act on the information, can make sure multi-vendor analytic deployments work well together, and see the data needed to improve marketing efforts, officials said.

With the Analytics Big Data Platform, CSPs are better equipped to collect and analyze the large amounts of structured and unstructured data that are hitting their networks, enabling them to more quickly get services to market. They also can reduce the complexity of big data technology and the skill sets needed by employees to use the technology, according to Oracle Communications officials. CSPs also can take advantage of pre-built big data adapters and analytics applications.

One of those adapters is the Analytics Diameter Adapter, which helps feed data into the platform. In addition, Oracle Communications updated the Analytics Policy Management Adapter that works with both the new Analytics Big Data Platform and the existing Data Model. It connects to Oracle Communications' Policy Management to get information about such areas as policy records, trigger details, quotas, networks and devices, and then will put that data into either platform.

Oracle Communications officials will discuss the new analytics offering this week at the LTE Asia 2015 show in Singapore.