OSS to Offer 64GB Opteron Server

The company plans to ship in February an Opteron-based server capable of supporting up to 64GB of memory.

A small server maker is aiming to launch a 64GB server powered by Advanced Micro Devices Inc.s dual-core Opteron chip.

Open Source Storage Inc. already ships a high-end system capable of supporting up to 32GB of memory—the OSS RS 32—and is planning to begin shipping the 64GB server next month, CEO Eren Niazi said in an interview. The Santa Clara, Calif., company has several test systems at customer sites, Niazi said.

OSS, which also offers a line of storage products, aims its servers at the high-performance computing space, focusing on the open-source community. The five-year-old company, which has 32 employees, offers systems running on both AMD and Intel Corp. technology.

The OSS RS 64 will be a 1U (1.75-inch) server and will use high-density 4GB DIMM (dual in-line memory modules), Niazi said. Pricing for the system will start at about $50,000.

The company is finding customers within a number of sectors, including securities, the federal government, search engine companies, and the media and entertainment industry, he said. OSS has seen a steady demand for systems that support 32GB of memory, and Niazi believes that demand will grow to 64GB when the new system is introduced.

OSS will follow the RS 64 in the second half of the year with a new chassis that will increase the server density available to customers, Niazi said.

The companys servers currently come in a variety of models, including systems that range in size from 1U to 8U (14 inches). OSS also offers blade servers.

Niazi said the companys business model includes a build-to-order component, and that systems normally ship within 14 days of being ordered.


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