Pica8, Big Switch Look to Drive SDN on Bare-Metal Switches - Page 2

Big Switch Networks officials said the company's support of the OpenStack cloud orchestration platform got a boost by being recognized by the OpenStack Foundation with its OpenStack Compatible mark. The designation indicates that not only can Big Switch demonstrate compatibility with OpenStack, but that it has also shown a continuing commitment to interoperability, company officials said.

Big Switch's Big Cloud Fabric, which was announced in July, offers a data center switch fabric that runs atop commodity hardware and makes those bare-metal physical switches more programmable. It leverages the vendor's Big Network SDN controller and OpenStack integration with both the Nova compute project and Neutron network-as-a-service efforts. The fabric also includes optional extensions to the OpenStack Horizon dashboard.

"Our users are deploying OpenStack pods ranging from two racks to 16 racks this quarter," Big Switch co-founder Kyle Forster said in a statement. "Even at that scale, our users need to operate less like traditional enterprise IT and more like hyperscale data center architects. We are accelerating the broad adoption of OpenStack, and OpenStack is accelerating the broad adoption of hyperscale network design."

Network virtualization software vendor Midokura is partnering with Penguin Computing, which offers high-performance computing (HPC) and cloud solutions, in a deal that will see Penguin reselling Midokura's MidoNet solution in North America. Officials with both companies said the deal will help end users that are looking to create more scalable, agile and cost-efficient data center infrastructures. Penguin leverages server and storage virtualization technologies in its offerings. The partnership with Midokura means extending its capabilities in network virtualization.

MidoNet is a network overlay solution that sits atop the underlying physical infrastructure to enable network virtualization. It's a highly distributed solution that is aimed at cloud environments, and while it can support OpenStack-based environments through a plug-in, MidoNet also can run in clouds that don't leverage OpenStack.

"We share a common vision with Penguin Computing, that is providing users the ability to reduce the cost of their network infrastructure by leveraging industry standard hardware and software," Midokura co-founder and CEO Dan Mihai Dumitriu said in a statement. "Via Penguin Computing, our enterprise OpenStack customers can now have a complete solution with MidoNet installed on Penguin Computing's Servers interconnected by Arctica switches. Those switches, combined with Cumulus Linux, may also be used as hardware accelerated VXLAN gateways controlled by MidoNet."