Presenting the Best of CeBIT

eWEEK and PC Magazine choose the show's best products in nine different categories.

Nine products stood above all others in their respective categories at this years CeBIT America technology trade show—and were thus honored by eWEEK and PC Magazine with Best of CeBIT awards.

After combing through product submissions from CeBIT exhibitors, the editors of eWEEK and PC Magazine selected nine as the best of the thousands of new products and technologies on display at New York show. The winners of and finalists for these awards were announced Wednesday in a ceremony on the show floor.

To be considered for the awards, products had to be displayed at the show (on the show floor or in a public meeting room) and had to be newly available between Feb. 1 and July 31 of this year.

Here are the winners and finalists in each category, followed by the overall Best of Show award winner.

Enterprise Hardware

Winner: NEC Solutions Disaster Recovery Fault Tolerant Solution
This powerful disaster recovery solution is built on NECs fault tolerant servers and the companys ExpressCluster software. It allows for Active/Active clustering (with 2-minute failover times) to make sure applications keep running even when a data center goes down. Prices start at $100,000.

Finalist: APC InfraStruXure High Density
This power distribution unit provides architecture for network-critical physical infrastructure. It takes care of cooling, power and cabling, allowing IT managers to build up a data center quickly.

Finalist: Foundry Networks FES X424
A flexible-edge switch with two 10-gigabit Ethernet uplink ports and 24 10/100/1,000 ports, the FastIron Edge Switch X424 has hot-swappable power supplies and can support additional power supplies for more redundancy.

Enterprise Storage

Winner: Adaptec File Saver Client Backup Kit
This client-side backup appliance provides automatic and continuous desktop and laptop protection. Up to four Adaptec File Saver units can be clustered for dynamic capacity expansions.

Finalist: Iomega NAS 200d Series
A small, quiet NAS unit that can be used to add storage in a matter of minutes. It runs Microsoft Storage Server 2003 and is priced at $1,999.95 for the 480GB version.

Enterprise Platform Software

Winner: NEC Solutions CachePortal
This dynamic-content delivery solution takes an interesting new tact on improving Web application performance. Starting with traditional high-end enterprise caching technology, CachePortal adds a sniffing engine that monitors the connection between the application server and the cache. It looks for changes in dynamic content to provide high-performance gains for key enterprise Web applications.

Finalist: Atinav aveComm 1.3
When businesses need remote conferencing and presentation capabilities, they often turn to service offerings that can quickly become prohibitively costly. Atinavs aveComm provides a powerful and feature-rich communications platform that can be deployed within a company and handle heavy connection loads. Unlike many service offerings, it works across all client platforms.

Finalist: Net Integration Technologies Nitix
Using embedded Linux technologies and highly intuitive Web-based management consoles, the Nitix autonomic Linux-based server operating system gives businesses a very capable, affordable and easily deployed server OS that provides many core network and server capabilities needed by small to midsize companies.

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