RLX Bulks Up Blade Offerings

At the Supercomputing 2003 show, RLX is rolling out its dual-processor ServerBlade 3200ix, growing its ActivStorage suite and offering prepackaged clusters.

Blade pioneer RLX Technologies Inc. is filling out its offerings for the high-performance technical computing space.

At the Supercomputing 2003 show this week in Phoenix, RLX is unveiling new hardware, interconnect technology and prepackaged offerings.

RLX, of Woodlands, Texas, is rolling out the dual-processor ServerBlade 3200ix, featuring Intel Corp.s 3.2GHz Xeon chip and 1MB of Level 3 cache. The companys 600ex chassis also now offers a 10GB stacking port option on its dual Gigabit Ethernet switch to increase chassis-to-chassis communication. In addition, RLX is offering InfiniBand support via Topspin Communications Inc.

In its ActivStorage suite, RLX now offers single or dual 20GB, 60GB or 80GB disks on its performance-oriented blades; direct fiber storage attachment to each blade via partnerships with QLogic Corp. and LSI Logic Corp.; direct access to network storage devices via the RLX Dual 600ex Gigabit Switch; and Storage Manager 2.0 software integrated into the ControlTower XT management suite.

RLX also is offering prepackaged clusters, including PowerCluster for general-purpose workloads and ExtremeCluster for highly parallel workloads. Cluster Manager 2.0 also now supports LSI and OpenPBS platforms, and will offer support for Sun Microsystems Inc.s Grid Engine early next year.