Samsung Adds Two More Smartphones

The company announces a Pocket PC device and a Windows Smartphone.

Samsung pumped up its smartphone lineup with two new models at a recent New York show, both of which will probably give new life to Verizons elderly-looking array of phone/PDA hybrids.

Pocket PC fans will prefer the SCH-i730; its a full Pocket PC device with a 320 by 240 touchscreen, 64MB RAM, SD card slot and megapixel camera. A QWERTY keyboard slides out of the bottom, much like on the Sprint Audiovox PPC-6601. Unlike the Sprint device, though, the i730 supports EVDO networking, which Verizon sells as "Broadband Access." Verizon promises average speeds of 300 to 500 kbps (kilobits per second) with EVDO; thats at least five times the average speed of Sprints 1xRTT network. Neither the Sprint nor the Verizon device, alas, have Wi-Fi.

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