Slim Midrange Servers for Tight Spaces

Fujitsu's 8-way, 16-way systems fit in the confines of a data center.

Internal storage bypassed Acknowledging that slim is in, Fujitsu Technology Solutions Inc. this month announced two midrange servers designed for the tight confines of data center racks. Fujitsu Technology designed its latest eight- and 16-way systems, the PrimePower 650 and 850, respectively, without internal storage, resulting in a smaller chassis better suited for industry-standard server racks. Fujitsu, of Sunnyvale, Calif., said customers using rack-mounted servers are increasingly relying on external storage systems. In recent years, rack-mounted servers have become the fastest-growing segment of the server market.

Providing a spark Depending on configuration, the servers will be available in 14- to 29.75-inch chassis. The 650 and 850 feature Fujitsus 675MHz SPARC64 GP processors and can run Solaris.

In the works Both systems will be available at months end, with pricing starting at $180,000 for the 650 system.