Smoothing the Integrated Networks Road

Vertical Networks products present options for businesses of all sizes

Ease of migration For small and midsize companies, the migration to converged voice/data networks can be bumpy. Vertical Networks Inc. has released two updated products designed to smooth the road. Integrated networks are championed as a way to simplify voice and data network management and reduce the cost of equipment and services.

Instant telephony The Sunnyvale, Calif., companys InstantOffice Release Version 4.0 software offers new corporate-level telephony functions. In addition to call-handling flexibility, the product now offers fax redirection, multiple message-waiting indicators, paging that enables announcements over digital phones to specified users, speed dial and support for up to 200 voice mail boxes, among other things.

Pricing Version 4.0 will be available this month and is priced from $1,200 to $2,800. Vertical Networks InstantOffice 6000 platform provides integrated communications support to as many as 180 voice users. It is available this month and starts at $14,990.