The CS-Series of Nimble Storage

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The CS-Series of Nimble Storage

Built on industry-standard hardware, CS units are rack-mounted appliances that offer internal storage, removable hard drives and integrated failover capabilities.

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Nimble's Snapshot Technology Enhances Backup

Nimble uses snapshot technology to create frequent backups. Snapshots are instantaneous and can be scheduled to occur as frequently as every five minutes.

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Nimble's Multitier Storage Tech Fits Into Disaster Recovery

The CS series can combine multiple storage ideologies, such as replication, synchronization and snapshots, across multiple sites to enhance continuity.

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The CASL Architecture Drives Performance, Resiliency

Using in-line compression and flash drive technology, the CS-series is able to maximize performance while minimizing space consumed.

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CASL Enhances Off-Site Storage

With the Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL) technology handling data in motion, replication of data stored on spinning media (such as snapshots) can be replicated off-site, without affecting on-site performance.

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GUI Eases Management, Monitoring

Nimble Storage offers a single pane-of-glass view of the status and performance of installed arrays, making it quick and easy to monitor performance, as well as capacity in use.

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Nimble Storage Product Line

The CS-series is available in varying capacities. However, the core functionality across the product line remains much the same.

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