The Easy-to-Install m20 microAppliance

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The Easy-to-Install m20 microAppliance

PathView Cloud starts with a small appliance to monitor traffic.

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PathView Dashboard

A GUI-based dashboard provides critical information at a glance.

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PathView Provides a Detailed Network Map

PathView Cloud offers a map view that highlights connections, problems and issues.

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There Is Also a Geographical Connectivity Map

A connectivity map based upon a geographic view is also available.

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PathView Delivers Extensive Reporting

Included are several reports that relay historical performance in an easy-to-consume fashion.

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Tracking Network Flows

A simple-to-understand dashboard highlights network flow information and supports drill down into specific elements.

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Monitoring Network Events

The product includes extensive event monitoring, which can be presented in a number of ways.

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Web Connectivity Monitoring

PathView Cloud can also monitor connections between Websites, Web services and hosts.

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Additional Tools

PathView Cloud can also perform Network Services Location lookups, Trace Routes and other diagnostic chores.

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Video Performance Testing

Network performance testing around video traffic proves to be a simple task.

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