Transmeta Posts $21.7 Million 4Q Loss

Loss was substantially less than the $49.7 million Transmeta incurred in the same year-ago period.

Transmeta Corp., whose energy-efficient Crusoe chips are designed for the mobile market, on Thursday reported a $21.7 million fourth-quarter loss.

The loss was substantially less than the $49.7 million Transmeta incurred in the same year-ago period and about the same as the $21.8 million lost last quarter.

The Santa Clara, Calif., chip maker recorded revenue of $6.1 million, more than the $1.5 million generated in the same period last year but slightly less than the $6.4 million garnered in the third quarter.

Transmeta in recent months has been aggressive in rolling out new products or promoting upcoming ones. In November the company launched the 1GHz version of its Crusoe chip and earlier this month introduced the Crusoe Special Embedded processors, designed for x86 embedded applications in such products as medical instrumentation, retail kiosks and point-of-sale terminals.

Earlier this week, Transmeta announced it was going to start building security features directly onto the chips, and in the third quarter will roll out a new chip, the TM8000—code-named Astro—that officials hope will move it up the ladder into notebooks with 12- and 14-inch screens.

President and CEO Matthew Perry said early sampling of the chip has been encouraging.

"Customers tell us that the TM8000 provides the necessary balance of high performance, long battery life, low cost and low power consumption to fit their requirements," Perry said in a prepared statement.

Given the new technologies, Perry said the company expects to grow in the first half, with the goal of reaching profitability by the fourth quarter.