Uplogix Eases Remote Management

Uplogix rolls out enhanced hardware and software to automate functions in distributed operations.

Uplogix is looking to make it easier for businesses to run their remote operations.

With enterprises becoming more distributed and mobile, the need for more automated and secure management of those environments is rapidly growing.

At the Gartner IOM (Infrastructure, Operations & Management) Summit and Cisco Live conferences in Orlando, Fla., Uplogix will roll out new hardware and software offerings to automate such functions as secure remote access, local performance monitoring and service-level management.

Mark Piening, vice president of marketing at Uplogix, said businesses are spending too much of their IT budgets on keeping the status quo and are looking for ways to bring all the networking, network management and security capabilities they have in their main IT environments out to their remote environments.

"People want more automation in their remote and distributed functions," Piening said.

At the Gartner event June 23, Uplogix unveiled its Uplogix 430 appliance. The 430 is a compact, fixed four-port version of the company's enterprise-level 32-port 3200 for large companies that want to centrally manage multiple remote operations that have little or no IT support.

The goal of the 430, Piening said, is to offer in a single appliance the various functionalities that most companies get from multiple point products.

Also at the Gartner show, Uplogix unveiled Version 3.5 of its Remote Management Operating System, or RMOS, which runs on the 3200 and 430 appliances.

The software is the first to integrate IT operations and security remote management tasks-including policy enforcement and configuration management-into a single offering. Piening said the software automates up to 70 percent of routine maintenance and recovery functions.

The software comes in two editions, Standard and Advanced. Both offer around-the-clock management of any IP device that has a serial port. In addition, the Advanced Edition includes such management features as service-level verifications and monitors, and the ability to measure and manage a host of network services and software, including TCP/IP communications, VOIP (voice over IP) and Web-based transactions.

The software will be available in July.

In addition, Piening said systems integrator World Wide Technology will offer Uplogix's remote management technology to its customers that are operating Cisco Systems' Service-Oriented Network Architecture infrastructures. The partnership was announced June 23 at the Cisco user event.