Video Key to Online Meetings, Blue Jeans Survey Finds

1 - Video Key to Online Meetings, Blue Jeans Survey Finds
2 - Connecting With Colleagues
3 - Connecting With Others
4 - The Fewer the Better
5 - Getting It All on Tape
6 - Moments to Remember
7 - Video Keeps the Focus
8 - Is There Anybody Out There?
9 - Multitasking During the Meeting
10 - Other Behind-the-Scenes Activities
11 - Web Conference Frustrations
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Video Key to Online Meetings, Blue Jeans Survey Finds

by Jeffrey Burt

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Connecting With Colleagues

According to the survey, 87 percent of people want to connect with their bosses or subordinates over video, rather than through technology without it. Most (65 percent) want all of their online and remote meetings to be done over video, and 73 percent want sensitive HR discussions to be done over video.

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Connecting With Others

The same essentially holds true for meeting with those outside of the company. Eighty percent say they prefer to meet or speak with clients or potential customers face-to-face over video, and 68 percent prefer meeting with a vendor or partner in the same fashion.

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The Fewer the Better

A vast majority of survey respondents—85 percent—say they want one service for all of their remote meetings.

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Getting It All on Tape

By a large margin, business people like the idea of taping meetings. Eighty-eight percent say they have disagreed with a colleague on what had happened during a meeting, and 99 percent say it would be useful to have the meetings taped. Ninety-eight percent would record their meetings if possible, and 27 percent would like to have every meeting recorded.

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Moments to Remember

What do the survey respondents want to record? Twenty-eight percent want to record what Blue Jeans officials call the "ah-ha" moment, when an idea came to light. Another 12 percent want to record their ideas before the boss takes credit, 8 percent want to record a shouting match between participants, another 8 percent want to record a co

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Video Keeps the Focus

Seventy-six percent of respondents say that meeting participants are less likely to pay attention if they're on a Web conference that doesn't have video.

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Is There Anybody Out There?

Web conferences can be confusing: 62 percent say it's difficult to know who is coming into the meeting and who is dropping off without video.

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Multitasking During the Meeting

Some of the things people admitted doing while on Web conferences include preparing food or eating (30 percent), writing personal emails or text messages (59 percent), and using the bathroom (28 percent).

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Other Behind-the-Scenes Activities

Thirty-four percent said they had taking another call during a Web conference (sans video), while 10 percent admitted to checking an online dating site.

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Web Conference Frustrations

Sixty-four percent say customers don't like Web conferencing, 46 percent say Web conferencing is outdated, and 68 percent say Web conference participants aren't fully engaged. Others say installing the software is a pain (59 percent), that it's difficult to see if people are paying attention (74 percent), it's hard to know who is speaking (60 percent) and it's hard to understand what is being said (46 percent).