VMware Revs Virtualization

VMware Inc. this week is rolling out an enhanced version of its server virtualization technology.

VMware Inc. this week is rolling out an enhanced version of its server virtualization technology that enables two processors to run on a single virtual system and includes support for blade servers.

The Palo Alto, Calif., company is also unveiling a tool that will let enterprises copy the software image of physical servers and transfer it to virtual machines. Rather than rebuilding servers when moving to virtual systems, users can simply transfer the image from the physical server to the virtual one, officials said.

Using VMwares ESX Server 2 with the companys Virtual SMP technology, enterprises will be able to run two-CPU workloads on a single virtual machine, where now they can run only one, said Michael Mullany, senior director of product management. This will enable businesses to run more mission-critical applications on virtual machines and expand the potential client base for VMware. "For a lot of companies, the standard server is a two-CPU server," Mullany said.

VMware next year will release a version of ESX Server that will support four-CPU virtual machines, Mullany said.

Other new features in ESX Server 2 include the ability to group network interface cards and storage area network cards for high availability. A new user interface enhances management and usability. The upgrade, available now, supports Microsoft Corp.s Windows Server 2003 and SuSE Linux AGs Linux Enterprise Server 8 and 8.2.

ESX Server 2s support of blades further expands VMwares reach. The technology will run on IBMs BladeCenter offerings and Hewlett-Packard Co.s ProLiant BL20p and BL40p blades. In addition, the software runs with VMwares new Control Center, which enables central management of virtual systems.