Zultys to Offer Call Center System

The company is rolling out an upgrade to its converged PBX, voice mail server, and voice gateway and Internet gateway system to give SMBs a way to set up call centers at no charge.

Many enterprises are wading slowly into voice-over-IP systems, testing the waters with an installation at one or two sites before full-scale deployment. But Data Design Associates Inc., a financial software company in Raleigh, N.C., dove in this spring, replacing its entire legacy PBX system with a converged PBX, voice mail server, and voice gateway and Internet gateway system from Zultys Technologies Inc.

This week, Zultys, of Sunnyvale, Calif., is rolling out an upgrade to the MX250 system used by Data Design to give SMBs (small and midsize businesses) a way to set up call centers at no charge. Called the Advanced ACD, the upgrade incorporates incoming call queuing, call recording, real-time statistics and reports that show agents productivity.

With two remote offices and several telecommuters around the country, Data Design installed 55 IP phones from Zultys three months ago, said IT Manager Brouck McCall. The company chose Zultys for its wide array of features after reviewing six other VOIP systems, McCall said.

"There were options out there where you can phase in units running side by side with your old ones, but we wanted to make a complete upgrade," McCall said.

The ability to set up multiple auto-attendants and operators and the Zultys licensing structure were also big draws, McCall said. Data Design is saving money on interoffice calls and on toll calls dialed from remote offices, which are routed through headquarters.

Zultys newest enhancements enable SMB call centers to offer multiple options for callers to hang up, such as leaving a voice mail or a callback number. The call centers can use different rules to handle call overflows or calls left on hold too long. Supervisors can view queues, prioritize calls and assign them to agents.

As the companys phone administrator, McCall said he particularly appreciates the MX250 management console, which lets him look up call logs and check the status of all phones, including remote units, and connections. He can also monitor who is on the phone and for how long, and what numbers are dialed.

"The ease of use was the first thing that got our attention," McCall said. "As long as the Internet doesnt go down, were in good shape."


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