Zyrion Updates Traverse for Better View of IT Infrastructure

Version 5.0 of Zyrion's Traverse BSM software gives IT administrators a faster and deeper view of the performance of their IT infrastructure. New features in Traverse enable businesses to more easily find performance problems within the IT infrastructure and troubleshoot it.

Zyrion is looking to make it easier for businesses to gauge the performance of their IT infrastructures.

The company is launching Version 5.0 of its Traverse BSM (business service management) software, which includes the Network Flow Analysis feature to help IT administrators ensure the optimal performance of their IT infrastructure and various business services.

Traverse 5.0 also offers RealView Dashboard, which enables users to create a real-time dashboard and to display graphs, tables and charts to create necessary metrics and to organize those metrics. Another feature is Panorama, which gives users a graphical representation of devices in the network.

"With the new functionality in Traverse, Zyrion is addressing the need to cleanly and seamlessly connect business services monitoring with low-level packet analysis," Vikas Aggarwal, founder and CEO of Zyrion, said in a statement. "Traverse continues to bridge the information gap by providing enterprises the ability to more efficiently and effectively determine the sources of infrastructure performance degradation that are affecting business-critical services."

Zyrion's Traverse uses what the company calls object-oriented Business Container Technology to link applications and infrastructure to IT services. The container technology lets IT administrators group the infrastructure in ways that create logical and business-oriented views of the network.

Traverse integrates with a number of network flow and packet-level data collection tools, which enables users to get a deeper and richer view of the infrastructure's operations, all through a series of mouse clicks.

This allows administrators to get a better idea of any problems within the network and ways of troubleshooting it.

Traverse can be downloaded on Zyrion's Website or through a resale partner. Pricing starts at $50,000.