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Always-On Gets More Secure

Intel router targeted at small and home offices.

Dell Gears Up in Server Space

Introduces Unisys-based 32-way system, lessening reliance on PC market

Commerce Server 2000 Is a Big Step Up

Microsoft Corp. products tend to be weak in their first versions and improve with each subsequent release.

eFiles: December 11, 2001

Voice over ip will begin to come in loud and clear over the next five years, says a recent survey of 162 network engineers and other VOIP experts.

Corporate Should Pass On The Pentium 4

The "fast, faster, fastest" headline doesn't pack the same punch anymore when it comes to processors. Sure, gamers want to blast their cannons a little faster, but the rest of the people can't really care about this stuff, can they?

ASP Offers Hosting On Demand

Application service provider Corio Inc. will announce two services this week, including the launch of its existing infrastructure platform as a separate tools suite and the debut of a vendor-oriented ASP enablement initiative.

Doomsayers Wrong Again

Each year about now, prophets of doom arise to predict the end of the IT industry.

Track ball, mouse give security a hand

Advanced Biometrics preps Live Grip authentication device; spinoff to serve as data warehouse.

Kodak cultivates displays

Company establishes business unit to advance organic LED technology.

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