AudioCodes Launches Mid-Sized Media Gateway

The Israel-based company broadened its media gateway product line to meet a wider array of enterprise needs.

AudioCodes Ltd. Tuesday broadened its media gateway product line to meet a wider array of enterprise needs.

The Yehuz, Israel-based company recently moved into the systems-level voice-over-packet technology market as its OEMs began to focus increasingly on enterprises, said Ben Rabinowitz, Systems Group vice president. The strategy rests on the ability of OEMs to expand opportunities with mid-sized organizations until large carriers are prepared to begin large-scale network investments anew.

"End users want vendors to provide complete solutions, but vendors dont have the resources to do it themselves," Rabinowitz said.

On Tuesday, AudioCodes rolled out a mid-sized voice-over-packet media gateway, called the Mediant 5000, targeted to large enterprises and small- to medium-sized service providers, which need high availability but less density than the major carriers. When integrated with an OEMs call server or softswitch, the gateway can provide applications such as IP PBX, IP Centrex and cable telephony. It supports up to 2880 channels.

The Mediant 5000 is ideal for organizations with large campuses, such as government agencies, hospitals and enterprise call centers, Rabinowitz said. "They do not want to compromise on the feature-richness you can get with a larger gateway," he said.

Built with standard interfaces, the new gateway supports numerous PSTN signaling standards. It has a proprietary backplane, which the company touts as providing greater reliability and availability. The open platform allows OEMs to include single board computers for additional applications within the gateway.

Also on Tuesday, AudioCodes launched a new, Web-based element management system that supports all AudioCodes platforms and can be integrated into OEMs network management systems. A built-in graphical user interface provides fault, configuration, alarm, performance and security management.