BMC Releases New Management Consoles

BMC puts the finishing touches on its Patrol 7 modular architecture for enterprise management.

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BMC Software Inc. Tuesday announced it has delivered the remaining components of its Patrol 7 modular architecture for enterprise management with the release of a new Windows-based and Web-based console interface and distribution server.

The re-architected Patrol line, announced early last year, now includes a native Windows 32-bit console that integrates with Microsoft Windows applications and mirrors the Windows look and feel. The new Patrol Central Operator – Microsoft Windows Edition and its Web counterpart, Patrol Central Operator – Web Edition, both provide a centralized view of applications, databases and operating systems.

The new Web Edition of the Patrol console leapfrogs the Web consoles of competitors by providing a fully functioning Web interface that allows operators to make changes and execute functions as well as read the status of environments under Patrol management, according to Sean Duclaux, director of product management for BMC Software in Houston.

Both consoles can share information with each other and provide a consistent style of visualization—a move intended to reduce the learning curve in working with Patrol modules.

"You can have two different users that can share information and configurations, and you can switch between consoles if the job requires it," said Duclaux.

The existing Patrol Windows console, a port of Patrols original Unix console, will be phased out over the next year, he said.

BMCs new Distribution Server was designed to simplify and speed deployment of BMC products or enhancements by allowing administrators to remotely deploy new BMC software from a central location. Using the Distribution Server, administrators can install and uninstall BMC tools on remote systems, concurrently distribute multiple BMC products to multiple systems, distribute software and updates for both Windows and Unix products, as well as schedule distributions to run automatically at a selected time and date. The Distribution Server also allows administrators to view reports on the status of distributions and view success or failure data.

All three are available now. The consoles are $3,500 each, which includes the Distribution Server.