BMC Upgrades Patrol for Windows, Unix

Upgrade aims to reduce configuration requirements and streamline administration of the tools.

BMC Software Inc.s Patrol for both Windows and Unix servers got a face lift recently in a pair of new releases that better exploit the Windows look and feel and emphasize a streamlined workflow.

The Houston software provider Tuesday introduced Patrol for Windows Servers 3.0 and Patrol for Unix 9.0, both of which are intended to reduce the configuration requirements and streamline administration of the tools.

Patrol for Windows Servers 3.0 exploits new patent-pending technology that can reduce the number of configuration steps required to monitor Windows Server environments that implement Microsofts Active Directory.

"Upon installation we query the environment, understand their settings and pre-configure the solution for them," described Sean Duclaux, director of Patrol platforms in Houston.

At the same time, BMC streamlined data collection in bandwidth-intensive Active Directory environments to reduce the amount of overhead generated by the action on enterprise networks. "In 3.0 we have patent-pending algorithms that reduce the network load to virtually nothing," he added.

The new Windows release also employs graphical Wizards to simplify configurations. "Users can select events or metrics through the Wizard to create parameters and alerts to be raised," said Duclux. BMC also added new Health-at-a-Glance custom views that show CPU or disk space utilization, available memory and more without requiring any configuration.

Both the Windows and Unix releases also decrease the number of false alerts raised and add new event filtering that can detect events from home-grown applications that are registered in the applications event logs. The enhanced event filtering also simplifies the task of setting up email or pager notifications of events.

The new releases shipped last week.

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