Cisco in Cross Hairs of HP Partners Embracing 3Com

3Com's high-end networking products are what HP's partners have been waiting for to go head-to-head against networking market leader Cisco. Now, with 3Com's H3C line coming to North America for the first time, HP partners say they have a core to edge solution to offer the routers and switches needed to challenge Cisco's market lead.

HP completed its acquisition of 3Com this week, and laid out the overarching plan in terms of the product integration that will take it to war against Cisco's stronghold in the networking market.
And HP's partners, still waiting for the final word on the integration of HP and 3Com's channel partner program, say that they are ready for the fight.
"It's a giant opportunity," John Barker, president and co-founder of Versatile Communications, tells Channel Insider. "There's never really been a major competitor to Cisco like this, ever. Ever."

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