Data Deduplication Market Driven by Storage Growth

The data deduplication market keeps rising fast as companies find their data storage needs continue to grow driven by email retention, compliance issues and other factors. Recognizing the potential EMC and NetApp bid against each other last year to pay a premium for data dedupe vendor Data Domain. Symantec and IBM also have footholds in the market, as do plenty of smaller players. Here's a look at the growing market.

With analysts putting data growth in the range of 50 percent or more per year, storing duplicated data is just adding insult to injury.
According to one source, duplication rates run as high as 30 percent or more among companies that don't have the appropriate policies and tools in place. This might help explain why data deduplication is considered one of the top technologies of the next decade, and why IT solution providers must pay more attention to this still-small-but-growing market segment.

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IDC reports that demand for storage efficiency is driving deduplication adoption, and there are growing opportunities for the channel. More than 60 percent of respondents are either in the process of deduplicating or have plans to deduplicate their primary, backup, or archive data in the coming year, says Laura DuBois, program director, Storage Software, IDC.
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