Dell Unveils Boomi-Based Cloud-Integration Packs for SMBs

The first of the Integration Packs for syncing data across cloud applications is aimed at QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics GP with Salesforce CRM.

Dell is leveraging the technology inherited when it bought Boomi in 2010 to create new Integration Packs designed to easily and securely integrate data between applications in the cloud.

The first of the Integration Packs, announced May 15, are aimed at synchronizing critical data between financial applications Intuit QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics GP with Salesforce CRM. According to Dell officials, the Integration Packs will improve order accuracy and eliminate time-consuming manual data re-entry between systems.

The easy deployment of the Integration Packs€”thanks to a user-friendly wizard€”and the automated features that remove manual steps that can lead to mistakes and lost time will make data integration efforts go more quickly, according to Paulette Altmaier, vice president and general manager of Dell€™s Cloud Business Software unit.

€œOur customers tell us integration is a core requirement to successful adoption of cloud applications,€ Altmaier said in a statement. €œWith Dell Integration Packs, we make integration easy and cost-effective for small and medium businesses to seamlessly share data between applications and drive faster time-to-value.€

Using the installation wizard, businesses can deploy the Integration Packs by checking a few boxes, eliminating the need for professional services, which is important to SMBs, who may not have the money to pay for the services or the IT expertise for more complex installations.

The Integration Packs for both QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics GP streamline and automate a number of manual processes, including order and invoice creation. Salesforce CRM automatically sets off the creation of sales orders and invoices in QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamic GP, an automated process that reduces the time that manual data entry of orders and invoices would take and increases the speed of billing, according to Dell officials.

The cloud services also will offer greater visibility and collaboration for finance and sales teams, which can easily see outstanding accounts receivable balances in Salesforce CRM.

The Integration Packs for both QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics GP will sell for $65 a month for an unlimited number of users. The desktop edition of Integration Pack for Salesforce CRM and QuickBooks is available immediately, while those for Salesforce CRM and QuickBooks Online and Salesforce CRM and Microsoft Dynamics GP will be available in June.

Dell over the past year has grown what it can do in the cloud with the Boomi technology. For example, in October 2011, the company unveiled its AtomSphere Fall 11 cloud-based services, which included such enhancements as expanded intelligence for suggesting customer-validated data maps and functions, an integrated capability for business rules and proactive customer communication services.