Geekspeak: July 23, 2001

Even in the OS war, doesn't this amount to overkill?

At what point does a technical preference turn into a jihad? I felt as if Id been dragged across that line when this full-width bumper billboard exited the parking lot ahead of me.

Regardless of the merits of competing operating systems, the death of Windows would have about the same effect on IT that the death of the internal combustion engine would have on transportation: Wed suddenly realize how much infrastructure we had to replace before a "better" technology could become equally usable.

The rollout of Windows XP this fall will remind Windows opponents how hard it is to deliver a general-purpose platform—especially when it comes to producing the drivers that make or break the reputation of the underlying operating system. Yes, Windows XP delivers "experience" innovations that arent on the wish list of anyone I know. Lets see if alternative technology providers can deliver what people want without all of XPs intrusive bells and whistles.