Handling Rich Media With Ease, Speed

Concentric Vision's content management tool good for nontechnical users.

For Enterprises Rich media is a key tool in retaining customers at a business Web site, but working with rich media can prove difficult and expensive. Startup Concentric Vision Inc. last week rolled out an enterprise-level content management tool designed for rich media.

Faster Revisions Dynamic Media Manager 2.0, which is based on Java 2 Enterprise Edition standards, provides an intuitive browser interface that enables nontechnical users to revise rich-media Web sites or reuse rich-media elements across multiple sites, said officials with the Burlington, Mass., company.

Key Features Along with browser-based control, key features of the product include object-oriented control of business logic, support for best-of-breed rich-media formats—from Macromedia Inc.s Flash to Microsoft Corp.s Windows Media—and the automatic creation of management interfaces, eliminating the need for programmers to recode the management interface to bring in new rich-media elements. Also, the tool comes with a central content repository for centralized management.

Pricing Dynamic Media Manager is due Nov. 16. Pricing starts at $50,000 per server.