IBM Chief to Partners: Get Smarter

Seeking to capitalize on government infrastructure spending and trends toward energy efficiency, IBM is ramping up its Smart Planet strategy make technology an ubiquitous part of the public and private infrastructure. IBM CEO Sam Palmisano's message to solution providers, "Get Smarter."

IBM has been making a lot of marketing noise lately about making the planet smarter, ranging from complex undertakings such as making the electric grid more efficient to just trying to synchronize traffic lights so cars burn less gas.

As noble as all those goals are, however, IBM has been pursuing this ambitious set of agenda pretty much on its own.

Well, no more. IBM Chairman and CEO Sam Palmisano today will make a personal commitment to make sure that the company's Smarter Planet initiatives will include opportunities for IBM business partners.

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Furthermore, IBM is committed to making the mounds of business intelligence data that it collects through its IBM Global Services unit available to partners as part of a global effort to make IT a digital engine that will transform the global economy.

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